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Compare Schoolies 2023 Destinations around  Australia.

Schoolies Week is a popular week-long celebration in Australia that marks the end of high school studies. Tens of thousands of high school graduates flock to beachside tourist destinations to enjoy their newfound freedom from the pressures of school life and take a well-earned holiday.

The most popular destination is Queensland’s Gold Coast, other popular destinations in Queensland include Magnetic Island, the Whitsundays, and the Sunshine Coast. In New South Wales Byron Bay Schoolies is very popular and in Victoria destinations including Lorne and Torquay are popular.

In South Australia, Victor Harbor is the central destination. In Western Australia, Schoolies is known as Leavers Week, and celebrations are spread over destinations such as Dunsborough and Rottnest Island. Schoolies destinations that are popular overseas include Bali and Fiji.

If you are under 18 years old, Byron Bay Schoolies and Week Two at the Gold Coast won’t be as cool for you as most of the action is inside pubs and clubs. The most highly policed schoolies is at the Gold Coast due to the crowd size. If you are looking for a more laid-back schoolies experience, try a destination other than the Gold Coast, like Airlie Beach.

based on what?


We provide an overview of each destination, based on these factors:

  • Your Age (under 18 or 18+)
  • Support Services
  • Target Market (who else celebrates there)
  • Locals
  • Entertainment
  • Policing
  • Safety Rating
  • Transport
  • Your Feedback

Best Schoolies Destination: Our rating of the best Schoolies Week destination in Australia is the Whitsundays in Queensland, based on the rating factors outlined above.

Contact Details: The contact details for each destination is different, please see the destination profile pages for the local contact.

Note: businesses and entertainers wanting to be involved in Schoolies Week celebrations at destinations around the nation should contact the local organisers.