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Mooloolaba Schoolies Week 2020

Schoolies Week at Mooloolaba centres around the beach in front of the 'Loo With a View.' The celebrations at Mooloolaba are much more relaxed and laid back. Each year around 1,500 people celebrate schoolies week at the Sunshine Coast.

There isn't any decent Schoolies entertainment though so it's up to you to create your own fun and find other schoolies to party with. If you are going with a big group of friends and don't want the dangers of Gold Coast schoolies, Mooloolaba is a great destination.

Some hotels don't accept schoolies so make sure you let them know when booking your accommodation.

Destination Rating

Age Rating: Over 18 (Poor); Under 18 (Fair).

Support Services: Poor, no schoolies specific support services are provided.

Market: This destination is not very popular (under 1,500 people). Usually only students from QLD.

Locals: There is a strong dislike of schoolies from locals. There is not interest in having schoolies celebrations improved.

Entertainment: Poor; there is no entertainment offered. In the past there had been a half assed attempt at providing entertainment, however it was abandoned by council. It won't be missed.

Policing: The Police presence is not overdone, but is adequate. The focus is on protecting young people.

Safety Rating: Good; However as with any schoolies destination take precautions and don't walk by yourself at night.

Transport: Poor, nothing specific for schoolies.

Event Contact Details:
There is no event provider