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Byron Bay Schoolies Week 2020

Schoolies Week at Byron Bay is not much fun if you are under 18. The celebrations are mainly in pubs and clubs. For those with ID it's a great destination with a really beautiful beach.

The expense of cleaning up after schoolies and the noise and disruption to locals is well publicized. Please be considerate of the locals and at least throw it in the direction of a bin. Expect fines to be enforced if you are a grub.

Byron Bay is most popular with students from New South Wales and Victoria. If you are from Queensland and over 18, a marathon schoolies double week is possible if you celebrate in week one at a Queensland destination like the Gold Coast and back it up with a second week at Byron Bay.

Destination Rating

Age Rating: Over 18 (Excellent); Under 18 (Poor).

Support Services: Fair, some schoolies specific support services are provided. The local council has recently dewcreased funding to support services, but they will still be in place.

Market: This destination is popular with students from NSW and VIC, the vast majority of whom are over 18.

Locals: While Bryon Bay is a tourist destination a number of people live and work there. Schoolies is an inconvenience and annoyance to those not profiting from it. Some tension exists. Be careful to be respectful towards locals.

Entertainment: The entertainment at Byron Bay is only inside pubs and clubs, no festival activities or entertainment is offered to schoolies.

Policing: The Police presence is not overdone, but is adequate.

Safety Rating: Poor; Take precautions and don't walk by yourself at night, especially on the beach.

Transport: Average, nothing specific for schoolies.

Event Contact Details:
Byron Bay Shire Council
Bayshore Dr, Byron Bay NSW 2481, Australia.
Phone: +61 2 6685 9300